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Tools to Support Remote Client Contact for Community Corrections - Part 2

Implementation Leadership - The 10 Essential Principles

Becoming Tele-Ready / Tele-Work in Ramsey County

Group Video Conferencing Tools to Support Remote Working in Community Corrections

Tools to Support Remote Client Contact for Community Corrections

Tele-Supervision and Tele-Work – Where do we go from here?

When Tools for Efficiency Become Essential - Remote Working

Suddenly Working from Home with Kids?

Four Ways to Innovate in Criminal Justice NOW

Mindset Matters: Appreciative Thinking in Times of Crisis

Adapting CBT for Justice-Involved Clients - Check out the Blog Series!

How Full is Your Bucket?

What’s Behind the Box?

Making Sense of the Interrelationship Between Criminal Risk Domains and Mental Health Symptoms

Understanding Risk: A Personal Experiment

7 Underappreciated Hallmarks of Criminal Risk Models

Risk Reduction: Be Positive

Corrections Top 10

We Need More Coaches and Less Referees

Risk: A “Four-Letter Word”

What IS Community Corrections?

To test, or not to test, that is the question. Or is it?

5 Reasons to go Paperless

The Foundation of Coaching:  Respecting Autonomy

The Coaching Habit of Creating Focus

Coaching with the AWE Question

Kickstarting a Coaching Session

Put a Coaching Habit at the Heart of your Practice Model

The T's and C's : No Longer the ABC's in Community Corrections

22 Years to a Second Chance

Competencies for High-Quality Risk Assessment Interviews

Fun with Data...Really??? (With Video!)

The Opposite of Addiction is not Sobriety. It is Connection

Are YOU in a Good Space?

9 Things I learned at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit

Developing a Practice Model

Why Practice Models are the Next Big Thing in Community Corrections

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Setting the Stage for EBP Practice Models

Getting to the Point in Community Corrections

Sick and Tired of Struggling with Organizational Change? Read This!

5 Ways to Stay Productive in the Office this Summer

Time to Change Community Corrections Program Evaluations - What is Working and What Isn't

Focusing on Effective Offender Transitioning in Community Corrections

"OCCA Staff Can Dance" and 5 other things I learned at the OCCA Conference in Columbus

The Evolution of the Security Role in Community Corrections

It's a Hard Knock Life - File Room Terrors

Innovate With Your Data!

Day 50 and Counting: How Y'all Doin'?

Is Software the Key to EBP? – Part II

I Need That Report Now. Really…

Manage People, Not Data (With Video)

Parenting Teenagers and Supervising Community Corrections Offenders: Control vs. Choice

Share the ball! Share the Win! (With Video)

“Daydreaming isn’t always bad…” and 7 other things we learned at ICCA

Is Software the Key to EBP?

It's a Hard Knock Life... As a Community Corrections Staff: Reporting Nightmares No More

Intense or "High Intensity"?

Our Case Plan Software Just Got a Little Sweeter

It's a Hard Knock Life... As a Community Corrections Staff

Good Enough?

People are... people too

The Future Belongs to Progress...Are You Coming?

Who Deserves a Second Chance?

Do We Have a Trust Problem Here?

The Downside of "Fail First" with High Risk Offenders

Treating Very High Risk Clients can be Something Else Altogether

The Balancing Act with Interventions

Targeted Interventions

Being Objective Takes Tools

Community Corrections: Risky Business

Feedback Please!

What Works Anyway? Prove it!

It Takes a Community to Transition an Offender

Catch Them Being Good!

Structure & Accountability Still Matter!

Practice Makes...Habit

Discovering Values in Collaboration

EBP: How Good is Your Aim?

To Be or Not to Be: Framing Offender Motivation

Community Corrections Interventions Must Begin with Assessment

EBP: Building the Therapeutic Relationship

An Introduction to Evidence Based Principles (EBP)

The 5Ps of Community Corrections: Practices

The 5Ps of Community Corrections: Procedures

Turning Evidence Based Principles (EBP) into Policies

Principle Centered Community Corrections

Community Corrections: Leading with Purpose

Finding Authentic in New Orleans and Community Corrections

Community Corrections Begins with "Community"

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