Client Messaging

What does this mean for you?

Client Messaging provides an easy to use option for case managers/PO’s to communicate with their clients, saving BIG time and keeping all communications in each electronic client record.

  • No need for using personal cell phones to communicate with clients
  • Avoid issues related to having client strings locked away in your staff cell phones
  • Avoid recordkeeping hassles of managing disconnected systems when using an off the shelf texting platform for client messages
  • Communications recordkeeping for clients in the community during work hours (for halfway house / work release)
  • Messages are housed entirely within the CorrectTech system in each clients electronic file alongside all other client notes and documents 
  • Using agency defined templates, all communication can be created with appropriate language and tone
  • Lack of visibility to all messages with clients across the program 
  • Difficulty in monitoring and measuring messages sent by topic, by sender, recipient, date ranges

SMS Text to Client

Here's how CorrectTech Client Messaging makes it happen:

CorrectTech Client Messaging is made up of message templates, access to every field in the client data file, workflow automation, automated sending and receiving platform, automated cell phone validation, specialized credentials for staff use, client file message center and global data views to enable easy visibility to every client population subset.  

  • Client messaging is integrated with the full set of CorrectTech modules - not a stand alone texting platform
  • The sending/receiving platform can run on CTI-hosted environment on the IBM cloud or inside an agency data network
  • Send one message to a group of clients based on any number of client criteria, such as program level, risk, start date, end date and more
  • Group messages are personalized for each recipient using a combination of templates and CorrectTech data tags
  • Using workflow, the system can automatically schedule and send reminders for meetings, appointments, court dates, random drug test notifications and other requirements to help with compliance
  • Automated cell phone validation ensures messages are only sent to valid and in-service numbers
  • Admin control settings include options for whether an individual client's responses will come back to the officer's cell phone or not.  In the
  • Settings for each staff allow to choose which clients text responses are sent to PO’s cell phone
  • case that they do, determine what time of day those messages are forwarded to the officer's cell phone
  • Specialized credentials define who can create and edit templates, who can send group texts, and who can write free form text messages
  • Management and staff visibility to all client communications using tabular grid controls -> far easier than searching through company email history or personal cell phone histories.

EBP Implementation

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