CorrectTech Universal Reports Generator

Paperless Office

What does this mean for you?

We provide fully automated report generation for all of the reports your contracts and referral agencies are expecting. There isn’t a report we can’t create! Our system will save you time by automatically generating your reports.  

  • Stop spending hours a week gathering data and creating weekly or monthly client reports.
  • Have easy access to the entire history of all generated reports via the Document Center.
  • Let our software take care of required reports for intake, monthly reports and discharge – zero hassle and no excuses for lack of proper documentation.
  • Produce required client documents to meet audit standards at a click of a button!

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Universal Reports Generator interacts seamlessly with all other CorrectTech components and produces the reports you need to run your operation.

  • Form and format are flexible and meet your already established report standards.
  • Any information captured in the system can be used as input for a report.
  • Attendance, incidents, group sessions, case notes and conviction history… anything can be included.
  • Summary information, rating data and other “report-time data can be gathered at the time of the report and incorporated with all other system data.
  • During system implementation, we build in your agency specific document standards and provide training on how to make changes to your documents going forward.