CorrectTech Referral Management Module

Referral Management

What does this mean for you?

We have solved the paperwork and data continuity issues for agencies that capture information, evaluate and make accept/reject decisions regarding their incoming clients. Separate filing systems for referrals is a thing of the past! Better yet, you can produce annual Referral Reports at a touch of the button.

  • Assemble and store full client profile information and never have to reenter the same information.
  • Gather client data, assessment results and required intake documents before a client shows up for intake - greatly simplifying and streamlining on-site intakes.
  • Easily see and review referred clients to aid in the accept/reject decisions.
  • Improve decision making on referral accepts/rejects by tying referral data directly to actual placement data and termination results.
  • Produce year-end referral reports easily. Produce monthly reports... because it is easy!<

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Referral Management gives intake specialists and their management team easy access to all of the critical information required for accept/reject decisions. The Document Center, Assessments and the Global Data Manager work together with the Referral module for consistency and a fully featured referral system.

  • Assessments and required documentation are stored with the referred client file.
  • All data gathered during a referral are automatically moved with the client file to their active placement upon intake.

  • All data gathered for a single referral are kept for future reference. A new referral on the same client is a different referral instance, but is linked to the same client.
  • Information and required documents captured during referral are automatically available during the intake process by Operations or Programming staff.
Integrated CorrectTech modules working together:
Document Center, Assessments, Case File Audits, Monitoring Audits, and Global Data Manager

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