CorrectTech Case Planning Module

Case Planning

What does this mean for you?

Incorporate criminogenic needs, goals, steps and progress notes together in our modern digital case plan.

  • Reinforce best practices and agency standards with the right set of case plan templates.
  • Enable case managers and POs to establish individualized case plans for each client.
  • Link each client’s goals to their assessed high priority needs.
  • Define action steps for each goal to help clients make measured and steady progress.
  • Document progress and related notes directly in the case plan – helping each client understand that the case plan is the central tool for their intervention plan.
  • Automatically apply case plan time to each client’s dosage hours.
  • Create a printable case plan summary report to store in the electronic record permanently and give to the client each time you make a progress update, add a new goal or complete an action step.
  • Use positive reinforcements to promote client momentum on their case plan and link case plan progress on steps and goal completion to the automated agency rewards program.
  • Support a wide array of level advancement business rules to match local agency needs.
  • Measure case plan outcomes with agency defined risk/need areas for easy data analysis.
  • Easily measure case plan creation, updating and closure for data analysis and audit purposes.

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Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Case Planning software framework is designed to accommodate a wide variety of case plan approaches from simple to sophisticated case planning. Meet requirements for POs with large caseloads and case managers in residential programs, drug courts or with small/intensive caseloads.

  • Set your case plan standards with powerful and flexible case plan templates.
  • Case planning is simple and easy when developing case plans with single levels, one or two goals and their related steps.
  • If your programming requires clients to advance through 3-4 levels before completion, you can create a multi-level case plan including: 3 or more goals, goals with multiple steps, values, problems in action, and behavioral and stability factor goals and steps.
  • Templates are not rigid, rather a starting point for a new client case plan. Case managers can adjust defaults during the process at any time to make sure each case plan is highly individualized.
  • Build case plans for clients using a customized wizard of clearly defined case plan points and templates for guidance through the case plan development process.
  • Agencies can customize the case plan wizard’s prompts, messages and information fields to help case managers build a tailored case plan for every client per agency standards.
  • Case plan goals and steps can be measured against date targets or percent completed.
  • By requiring a client biometric signature on a completed case plan, agency management and auditors know that the case plan was indeed developed with the client.

EBP Implementation

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