Clinical Treatment

What does this mean for you?

We integrate the everyday functions of typical treatment providers such as: scheduling individual, couple and group sessions; performing intakes of new clients; providing midterm reports; submitting session notes and case notes to the case file; discharging clients from treatment; and providing treatment discharge reports.  

  • Save time, increase productivity and improve quality of case notes with simple data entry for all attendees in a group, couple or an individual session on a single screen.
  • Easily track dosage time without double data entry.
  • Separately manage therapist client information and add essential information to the general client file for the contracted program.
  • Simplify treatment providers’ reporting with their own set of reports drawing data from client treatment results saving hours of work on the front and back end of treatment reporting.
  • Save time on report writing with our specialized treatment-reporting wizards including treatment intake, treatment mid-term and treatment discharge.
  • Navigate information via aggregate data views on client populations, treatments, clients enrolled and discharged, and results.
  • Reduce the amount of time case managers spend tracking down information from their clients’ treatment providers.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The CorrectTech solution for (typically) third party therapists helps them manage their individual and group therapy intakes, session results, midterm reports and discharges as part of the agency case management system.

  • Automatically program in required reports for in-house or contracted therapists who do their own client intake and discharge at your agency with specialized treatment reporting and recordkeeping.
  • Our simplified client intake into specific treatment sessions is separate from client intake for the facility.
  • We provide a treatment reporting and recordkeeping system especially for full-time, multi-faceted licensed therapists.
  • Our treatment discharge reporting provides required documentation for contracted program(s) and is separate from client discharge from the primary community corrections program.
  • Treatment providers’ notes, intakes and reports are automatically stored with the client file so the rest of the programming staff has direct access to results without all of the requests, reminders, emails and extra effort.

EBP Implementation

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