Auto-Generated Case Plans

Auto-Generated Case Plans

What does this mean for you?

We automate your treatment response grids based on assessed client needs. Within seconds you will have an individualized case plan and the associated referrals for appropriate groups and assignments.

Many of our customers are using complex treatment response grids to determine treatment responses and interventions that target areas of need based on risk assessment domain scores and other assessments (substance abuse, domestic violence, etc.). Let our software do that work for you!

  • Save time looking at scores and the corresponding grid / treatment response on a tedious spreadsheet.
  • Save time referring your client to each appropriate class roster based on their individual needs.
  • Increase consistency in case plans by reducing human error caused by following a paper grid or spreadsheet.
  • Increase flexibility and shared treatment options by selecting from an agency library of interventions that are organized for you right there in the case plan!
  • Get rid of tedious spreadsheet tracking of attendance, dosage for treatment, community service, education and vocational hours.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The system automates your agency’s response grid using our powerful administrative configuration tools and links these to the appropriate treatment, education, community service and vocation responses.  The case plan templates are configured to reflect all that important work you do with your client.

  • Using risk assessment domain scores for each domain of one or more assessments, a fully defined case plan is generated for each client.
  • Agency grids include relationships between an intervention (such as Thinking for Change, Substance Abuse, etc.) and the domain area of need (such as Criminal Thinking, Anti-Social Associates, Treatment Needs, etc) so that case plans are organized appropriately.
  • Case plan auto-generation takes a case manager seconds to complete yet generates a case plan, referrals to interventions and dosage assignments by intervention.
  • Add additional questions not related to assessments to auto-generate a treatment response on the case plan that includes other programming elements such as education, parenting, etc. Example: Does the client have a GED or High School diploma? No = refer to GED class.
  • Organize your library of additional interventions such as workbooks, homework and non-standard treatment interventions, and incorporate them into the correct criminogenic domain with a click of a button as needed by your agency at any time.
  • For agencies with internal treatment sessions, we configure those group sessions and your client can show up on the roster automatically on the dates you have designated.
  • Practitioners can adjust group sessions / add on or un-enroll based on their own assessment as needed by the agency.
  • Session attendance is automatically tracked inside the case plan and dosage is tracked.
  • We take the tedious part out of your hands, so you have more time for the actual interventions!

Check out our case plan module for more details on case planning after the plan is auto-generated for you!

EBP Implementation

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Target Interventions Collaborate on Case Plan Engage the Community Train Behavioral Skills Transition Plan