CorrectTech Monitoring Audits

Monitoring Audits

What does this mean for you?

Identify the level of compliance for randomized substance abuse testing, contraband searches, vehicle and property searches, and community location checks with the click of a mouse.  

  • Audit individual clients or your entire program in seconds. 
  • Highlight problem areas in monitoring such as meeting deadlines for UAs or giving breath tests too frequently or not frequently enough.
  • Consult data for informed change.
  • Discover best practices for your agency based on audit information from your facility.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The CorrectTech Monitoring Audits module provides a quality assurance solution for operational insight to compliance in relation to random monitors, location verifications and more.

  • Monitor standards – frequency, minimums, and timing between monitors – are configured to meet agency standards and requirements.
  • This module is integrated with our Behavior Management: Incident Reporting module to garner immediate feedback for “hot” UAs or breaths or any contraband found during searches.
  • Easy reporting tools for you to track and measure compliance with substance abuse monitoring (i.e., breath tests and UAs); randomized community whereabouts verification phone calls; and various contraband searches (i.e., locker search, pat search).
  • With this module you can program a set of special audit reports for ongoing audits for randomized testing, contraband searches, location verifications and more.

EBP Implementation

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