Software Support and Maintenance

CorrectTech provides a robust level of ongoing software upgrades and support for its licensed customers. Our Annual Software Support and Maintenance package includes:  


Software Upgrades

We provide one software upgrade per year at no additional cost. These annual upgrades include enhancements and new features we’ve developed to meet exciting new opportunities, in response to requirements from other customers or to perform bug fixes or other compliance upgrades.

Bug fixes are usually included in the annual software upgrades. However, high priority/high impacting fixes are handled in a timely fashion (without waiting for the next update cycle).

Virtual Dev. Server

We provide maintenance of a “Development Server” in the CorrectTech cloud that supports:

  • Testing new configurations, reports, workflows, and merged documents before implementing at your facility
  • Testing new CorrectTech software updates against your configuration before implementing at your facility
  • User testing environment

Promoting to Production

We take full responsibility for taking your updated and validated configuration into production for you to start to enjoy the latest features of CorrectTech. The key steps we follow in our systems assurance process include:

  • Take a full back-up of your existing production system
  • Run our CT Installer program using both your existing system and the new configuration – in order to fully capture and identify unique characteristics of your CorrectTech configuration
  • All new enhancements and modified or new configuration settings are added to the configuration repository we keep for your CorrectTech system
  • We then schedule an install schedule with your operations staff and promote the new software configuration to production
  • Bottom line: Our CorrectTech experts keep your software system up to date without outside help. 

Customer Support

Our customers have access to the CorrectTech Customer Care Portal. This includes our online ticketing system, our library of training videos and support articles, and a copy of the staff training workbook used during the initial implementation. Our customer support team is committed to customer satisfaction. We quickly engage customer requests, and involve our software support and development team when the situation warrants.

The following support services are available as professional services at reasonable rates:

Configuration Support: We provide configuration support for requests that include changes to workflow, complex form updates, and other high-impacting configuration related changes.

Project Management and Software Updates: In addition to our Annual Software Support and Maintenance package that provides updated software, access to the Dev Server, and promotion of your new configuration to production, we also provide professional services support for planning, project management, configuration support and user training support for new releases, as needed.

Custom Training Content: In addition to our training content library and the initial implementation staff training workbook, we offer the service of developing custom training content that incorporates your agency’s use of CorrectTech as defined by your specific policies and practices.  

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