CorrectTech Client Self-Service


Client App

What does this mean for you?

This robust client communications center syncs with clients’ electronic case file to save case managers time and enable notification and messaging with clients from any web-based device. 

  • All the benefits from Client Messaging but instead of a text message, the client can access the Client App from any web-based device and view much more than just messages
  • Saves your agency money on text messaging usage fees and clients have more options for accessing the information needed
  • Empower clients to take an active role in their case plan and/or reentry plan journey
  • Streamline the case planning and communication process for case managers  
  • Increase security, keeping documentation of client/staff communications all within the client electronic file
  • Trip requests (for residential) or client schedule (for non-residential) empower the client and save the CM tremendous time
  • Check in surveys (along with any self-assessments/surveys) auto-scheduled to the app for the client to complete
  • Client can access any other item needed from the CorrectTech Client Kiosk

    Sample App

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our client communication center empowers the client and provides an in between meeting, non-contact method for the communication, notifications and all while documenting the journey in the electronic file along the way.

  • The client interface is simple and intuitive and clients learn to navigate it quickly and easily.
  • The Client App is integrated with the full set of CorrectTech modules - not a stand alone texting platform
  • Using workflow, the system can automatically schedule and send reminders for meetings, appointments, court dates, random drug test notifications and other requirements to help with compliance
  • CM's simply approve/edit/deny trip requests and schedules created by the client
  • The client interface makes messaging seamless and trackable.
  • The interface with the case plan means all documentation to and from the client is updated automatically.
  • Every transaction on the Client App is time-stamped and logged in the client placement, providing an audit trail of communications received and responded to.
  • Clients can view incentive points balance, redeem rewards, take self assessments/surveys, access resources, and more electronically. That’s right. It’s all paperless.

EBP Implementation

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