Progressive Sanctions Module

What does this mean for you?

We provide a streamlined system for progressive and standardized incident/sanction response program that is fully integrated into the CorrectTech system and directly compatible with your rewards program.

  • Standardize your agency’s incident responses and designated sanctions.
  • Develop your own sanctions program (compatible with your incentives and rewards program) with 100% configurability that allows agencies in any county or state to adopt all, some or none of the standards.
  • Save staff time, while increasing transparency, with predefined and standardized sanctions to provide fair, timely and consistent responses to rule violations.
  • Increase client accountability and save time by having each client review incidents and associated sanctions and plead. Upon guilty plea, sanctions are automatically implemented and communicated!
  • Define standardized rule violation responses that include chores, restrictions, behavioral interventions, admin hearings and more.
  • Specify progressive responses in the event of multiple offenses to better deal with repeat non-compliant behavior.
  • See where your clients are getting written up the most in relation to their associated case plan needs, completed goals and steps and more using our Enterprise Data Manager.
  • Reinforce your agency standards and policies with sanctions and behavior recognition.
  • Make changes easily without programming changes as you learn and grow!
  • Employ Colorado DCJ’s BSMART (Behavioral Shaping Model and Reinforcement Tool) to help achieve better client outcomes.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our 100% configurable behavior management system for progressive and standardized incident/sanction responses that uses information already measured throughout the CorrectTech system.

  • Fully configurable settings allow changes and updates over time without software coding changes. All changes are welcome from local and statewide experiences, research and/or referral agency mandates.
  • Client population flexibility recognizes any client condition or characteristic (i.e. assessed risk level, program level, residential or non-residential) for unique and individualized application of sanctions or incentives.
  • Expanded incidents features include documentation and visibility of sanctions, behavioral interventions and admin hearings with automated link to discharge reports if termination results from a violation.
    • Specially formatted case notes are generated to meet state or federal audit standards.
    • Behavioral interventions can be generated that can count toward dosage (optional).

  • Builds on other CorrectTech modules (instead of replacing) to help our existing customers’ staff and clients adopt new features:
    • Incident reporting functionality expanded – New definitions of Prohibited Acts and added automated sanction definitions come directly from a configurable grid of options
    • Restrictions and chores functions expanded – Agency-predefined sanctions make automatic consequences result from guilty pleas and decisions, with the option to allow manual override as an agency setting.
    • Client plea and Client Self-Service function expandedClient Self-Service shows clients their incidents and correlated sanctions by guilty or not-guilty plea, clean slate days and a history of incidents and sanctions by level.
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