CorrectTech Group and Individual Sessions Management



Group Session Management

What does this mean for you?

We integrate the full range of treatment, intervention and group session functionality so that you don’t need to use separate systems, manage paper files or double enter data. For programs that are required to set and/or track treatment dosage, this module enables dosage accounting and reporting via our Dosage Module.  

  • Keep client files organized, including information from their group session attendance.
  • Save time, increase productivity and improve the quality of your case notes with simple data entry for all attendees in a group on one screen.
  • Coordinate scheduling for group sessions that includes therapists, facilities, flexible day(s) of week and clients.
  • Manage the different roles of therapists and facilitators.
  • Involve therapists and facilitators in making case notes without overwhelming them with the entire client file.
  • Organize defined curricula with defined date-specific courses and/or open-ended courses.
  • Plan better using customized reports through the Global Data Manager that tracks courses, clients enrolled in each course and results.
  • Track dosage seamlessly with our Dosage Management module.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Sessions Management feature lets you define reusable curriculum-based session groups, individual group sessions, and scheduling of staff, facilities and clients. The results of each group session inputs directly to dosage categories and client case notes.

  • Flexible course structures for any program – open-ended classes, date-specific classes and defined repeated curriculum.
  • Built-in sorting, group-by and filtering controls enable you to see classes, class rosters and class results across times and caseloads.
  • Curricula administrators design reusable templates that define standard treatment programming (using unlimited session topics with independent durations) for each client population
  • Next curricula start date generation is easy without the tedious class definition and client assignment.
  • Define separate roles for therapists and facilitators for supporting class rosters, group session notes and attendance. (Our optional Treatment Management module supports treatment intake, discharge and separate reporting as required.)
  • Therapists and facilitators can use our powerful and easy interface without needing to see the entire client case file.
  • When group session notes and attendance are submitted, dosage time is automatically applied to each client in attendance.
  • Integrated group session attendance tracks items for the entire group (such as notes, dosage time and topic discussed) and items for each individual (such as attendance, client notes and participation ratings).
  • Clients can be “referred to” a session or group of sessions, allowing simple automated assignment of entire client populations whether a curriculum is used or not.
  • Programming planners and administrators can see class rosters, class sizes, openings and more to help manage resource planning.
  • Anyone in a facility can be assigned the therapist role, giving them the permissions required to conduct sessions, submit session results and see their roster of classes and future schedules.
  • Staff members and third party therapists assigned the therapist role will have limited access and visibility to the rest of the information management system.

Integrated CorrectTech modules working together:
Document Center, Dosage Management, Treatment Management, Case Planning, and Enterprise Data Manager

EBP Implementation

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