CorrectTech Trust Accounting

Revenues & Billing

What does this mean for you?

The Trust Accounting module enables you to manage and view facility-wide client accounts and program accounts for better tracking providing an electronic audit trail for both you and external agencies ensuring your accounts are managed properly.  

  • Manage a complex client financial management system when operations run both off per diem rates and client subsistence/payments.
  • Ensure all money collected is deposited into the correct account for day-to-day management with an electronic audit trail for internal or external financial audits.
  • Set per diem and contract rates that automatically charge per client type.
  • Set per diem rates by date range in the case of prior rate changes.
  • Integrate your accounting process into one system that works with each client financial plan.
  • Quickly view agency-wide active or terminated client balances.
  • Automatically apply client payments to subsistence.
  • Organize deposits and balances to client accounts and an agency account and ensure money is dispersed correctly.
  • Bill for session’s provider per services or al la carte billing for monitors provided (such as for drug tests).
  • Void insufficient checks or entry errors.
  • Issue client checks, which are auto-linked to the client electronic record.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Trust Accounting module integrates a comprehensive accounting system into your client management system for agencies that manage client money, charge subsistence/program fees and have per diem rates for one or multiple oversight agencies.

  • Integrates with the financial management module where case managers enter in check requests and track individual client ledger transactions but is a fully functional accounting system that bakes in the specific needs of managing client finances and subsistence payments in a community corrections setting.
  • A daily per diem rate is set for each oversight agency and/or for any service or monitor provided to help manage the facility bank account.
  • Accounting staff can manage deposits and facility income made from per diem or other charged services into the facility account.
  • A subsistence rate is set for each client type and is automatically charged to each client daily. 
  • Client’s turn in their income and paystub information to the designated staff member who records the transaction electronically then typically stores the paystub in a physical lock box.
  • Accounting staff can verify all income turned in and compare to the digital “lock box” records.
  • Deposits verified are automatically calculated with the option to create a deposit slip for the bank.
  • Accounting staff manage and track deposits into the client account.
  • Accounting staff issue client check requests from client accounts, which are auto tracked in both individual and house account records.
  • Subsistence is automatically billed and charged based on client deposits (tracking that client subsistence is paid before any check requests are issued if required).
  • Restitution payments made from individual clients can be tracked by payee so one large check is issued to each payee but individual payments are tracked in the client ledger and restitution tracking.
  • House billing gives the director, accounting and designated administration a quick view of account and client transactions and balances.
  • Transfer funds shows all transactions where subsistence was auto applied based on client deposits and ability to transfer those funds to the facility account.
  • Gives you the paper trail you need to show what transactions were transferred from the client account to the facility account.
  • Entity billing keeps track of the money that was charged to the state or oversight agency.
  • Managed Money gives you the ability to manage some client money and know what clients are approved to manage their own money.
  • Reconcile your account with bank statements, void and/or mark when funds are insufficient so your accounts are always matching and checks are only issued when funds are available.
  • Reports can be created for financial transactions.
  • Clients have constant access to daily subsistence charged, transactions and balance.
  • The Checking Account gives you a quick view of deposits, checks issued and your ledger balance for your entire client population and/or individual clients.

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