CorrectTech Randomized Monitoring Module

Randomized Monitoring

What does this mean for you?

We streamline client accountability without the hassle and headaches security and case management staff normally endures.

  • Automate randomization of any monitor (including UA, BT, 2-step DT, Pat, and Strip).
  • Meet state, local and federal standards for each client population.
  • Save time with our automatic incident reports generator.
  • Include the entire chain of custody of who, what, and when.
  • Easily review historical results for better management and audit purposes.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Randomized Monitoring software interacts seamlessly with all other CorrectTech features, keeping a complete digital record of every monitor and outcome.

  • We build in your agency specific defaults for each monitor per client population type and give you the option to override defaults for any client.
  • Security Dashboard (Duty Roster) populates throughout the day with required monitors.
    • 1-click for easy processing of any monitor right from the Dashboard
  • Through Client Self-Service, the security check-in feature detects the need for performing a required monitor and opens an on-screen message for security officers upon client return.
  • Every completed monitor is automatically recorded in the client history.
  • Every failed monitor automatically creates an electronic incident report in the client file AND a document capturing the event outcome with staff member credentials and optionally the client's biometric fingerprint.

EBP Implementation

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