CorrectTech Security / Facility Module

Operations & Security

What does this mean for you?

We completely integrated the functions of security and facility operations with the rest of the case management system so you have a streamlined experience for every staff member.  

  • Automate your front desk security operations to maintain control, safety, and compliance.
  • Use the integrated Duty Roster to maintain focus and continuity from shift to shift.
  • Save time for security staff and enable them to spend more time on high value client interaction.
  • Empower security staff in client interactions with immediate access to entire case files.
  • Simplify house counts while ensuring compliance to your agency standards.
  • Give security staff direct visibility to any client’s Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) status, with flexibility to allow full or limited visibility per agency standards and practices.
  • Consolidate security action items with the Duty Roster to process all random or scheduled monitors and process medications, track location status, and make whereabouts calls.
  • Customize your facility notes by type and subtype to enable recordkeeping and easy retrieval of key facility-wide communications.
  • Access client permissions (including visitors, no contact list, mail, phone and passes) for entire client population quickly.
  • Simplify and automatically document sign-ins and sign-outs using Client Self-Service that takes client restrictions, random monitors and meds into account.
  • Enable security staff to document positive reinforcements from the security interface.
  • Reduce operations phone call workloads using the Client IVR to automate required incoming phone calls for trips away from the facility – integrated directly into the trip status screen for security staff.
  • Ensure complete and accurate documentation of all security and operations transactions.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Security / Facility module integrates all of the everyday functions that a front desk operations team needs, with the flexibility to allow customers to choose from the various security-related modules that fit their needs.

  • We have integrated the use of many of our purpose-built modules into the Security / Facility module. Other CorrectTech modules that are linked to and function seamlessly with the Security / Facility module include: Client Self-Service, Biometric Validation, Trip Planning, Random Monitoring, Medications, Monitoring Audits, Universal Reports Generator and the Global Data Manager.
  • The security dashboard, or Duty Roster, populates throughout the day with required monitors, medications and whereabouts calls with a 1-click feature to easily process any item from the dashboard.
  • House counts can be completed using a tablet type device for full automation or on paper. Regardless of the method you use to gather the data, the system automatically documents clients known to be out of the facility on an approved trip or pass and only looks for clients who are supposed to be in the building.
  • Full accounting histories and audit trails of house counts are visible in the Global Data Manager by date, time, staff member and results.
  • Whether you take incoming calls using the Client IVR or manually, the system records completed calls as part of the trip record. Calls that are not made are color-coded using escalating statuses to bring attention to the security staff. This way proper and timely responses can be made in the event a client fails to return.
  • Client permissions defined and managed by case managers are accessible through the Status Screen, allowing security staff to quickly process through mail, view no contact restrictions and more.
  • The security check-in feature through Client Self-Service detects the need for a required monitor or medication and opens an on-screen message for security officers upon client return.
  • Every monitor, medication and incident is automatically recorded in the client history.
  • PREA visibility is determined by agency configuration settings and assists in the assignment of beds and the relocation of clients as needed.
  • To create consistency and 100% documentation every time, every failed monitor input automatically creates an electronic incident report in the client file AND a document capturing the event outcome with staff member credentials and (optionally) the client's biometric fingerprint.
  • There is no other system that matches this level of robust and integrated automation to directly connect security operations with the case management system the rest of the staff use every day.

EBP Implementation

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