Applied Evidence Based Practices (EBP)

Our stakeholders are eager to see EBP impacting the communities we serve.

Learn | CorrectTech Applied EBPLearn.

See what the latest research shows
Recall lessons learned on your path to EBP implementation
Engage with practitioners on the EBP front line



Grow into the fullness of EBP – post MI and assessments
Enable the entire “EBP stack” with automation
Develop new skills and habits with newly found time


Operationalize | CorrectTech Applied EBPOperationalize.

Embrace and institute a change culture
Measure your outcomes and use your data to improve
Adopt new practices that reflect new reality


Transform | CorrectTech Applied EBPTransform.

Maximize staff effectiveness and productivity
Incorporate measurement and feedback to management
Reinforce transparency and accountability with clients and staff


Enter the sweet spot of continuous improvement

At CorrectTech, we are constantly evolving our software to stay up to date with the latest evidence based practices and principles.