Testimonial - Female SecurityblondeToni S., Security

“I really like the new software! It is fast and more efficient. It is not as hard as I thought it would be and everyone seems to be catching on quickly.”


Testimonial - Female - Case Manager Community CorrectionsEmily S., Case Manager

“CorrectTech is leaps and bounds more user friendly than our old system! I know it will make things easier for staff once we get the hang of it. And, the training beforehand was really helpful.”


Testimonial - AdminsitrationTammy P., Administrator

“CorrectTech has made my job a lot easier already because I hardly have any paperwork! It is a lot to get used to, but it has been wonderful so far. I especially like how the phone monitors work.”


Testimonial - Male SecurityLuis G, Security

"My favorite thing about CorrectTech is signing clients in and out because it is about as easy as it gets!”


Testimonial - Female SecurityCassie M., Security

“I love the house counts because it is simple and much faster than doing them on paper.”


Testiomnial - Case ManagerDanielle G., Case Manager

“The best feature of CorrectTech so far is having clients do the assessments in the system instead of on paper. It saves case managers a lot of time!”


Testimonial - Male SecuritySean B, Security

"The features I am most impressed with so far regarding CorrectTech is the instant availability to see the status of all clients signed out and the color coding indicating issues with clients who are signed out."


Testimonial - Male AdministratorMike G., Administrator

"For the first time in ten years, we are beginning to focus on the quality of documentation rather than just the presence of it. Correct Tech is doing for us exactly what we'd hoped."