Testimonial - Female SecurityblondeMolli Schmeling, Program Director


“The top-notch customer service is one of my favorite parts of CorrectTech. James specifically is very responsive to my needs and finds a working solution every time. CorrectTech allows me to pull reports with all kinds of different data, which is helpful in the management of day-to-day duties of staff and in preparation for various audits.”


  Chuck Honigford, Clinical Director

“CorrectTech is much more advanced than what we used in the past. Our agency is able to combine security, treatment, and mental health in one platform. My favorite feature is the auto-gen case plan.”


Testimonial - AdminsitrationKatina Bostic, Operations Director


“Compared to our previous programs, we previously had case plans, behavioral documentation, and incident reporting on separate systems. Since the implementation of CorrectTech, it has been game changing to have all the client’s information in one centralized location!”


Testimonial - Male SecurityMatt McClellan, Executive Director


“CorrectTech has improved our accessibility to client data and the ability to mutually work on case files, etc. We benefit from the availability of data, quick reference on clients, centralized storage of all client information and not having paper client files.”


Testimonial - Female SecurityChentel Castiglione, Residential Services Director

Some of the biggest improvements we’ve seen with CorrectTech is being able to look at things globally, calculating dosage is a lot easier and auditors love being able to look in CorrectTech and see everything that they need.


Testimonial - Male SecuritySean B, Security & Operations


"The features I am most impressed with so far is the instant availability to see the status of all clients signed out and the color coding indicating issues with clients who are signed out."


    Danielle G., Case Manager

“The best feature of CorrectTech so far is having clients do the assessments in the system instead of on paper. It saves case managers a lot of time!”


Testimonial - Male AdministratorMichael Gardner, Facility Director


"For the first time in ten years, we are beginning to focus on the quality of documentation rather than just the presence of it. Correct Tech is doing for us exactly what we'd hoped."