CorrectTech Pretrial Software


Pretrial Software

What does this mean for you?

Track pretrial outcomes, assess and monitor pretrial defendants, improve court appearance rates and report on outcomes as defined in USDOJ “Measuring What Matters” report.

Our comprehensive Data Management system gives your agency a streamlined system for automating everything from assessment through recommendation, active supervision, and record keeping of all required events & activities. The data needed for outcome & performance measures is captured as part of everyday use, including:

  • Appearance Rate
  • Safety Rate
  • Concurrence Rate
  • Success Rate
  • Pretrial Defendant Length of Stay
  • Pretrial Assessments
  • Recommendation Rate
  • Response to Defendant Conduct & Needs
  • Pretrial Intervention Rate
  • Send and track SMS text reminders

Here's how CorrectTech Pretrial makes it happen:

CorrectTech Pretrial incorporates a variety of tried and true functionality to support the various essential elements of a successful pretrial program.  


  • The defendant’s biographic and court referral data is captured.
    • Including demographics, charge information, current/past alcohol and drug history, etc.
  • Automation of any Pretrial Assessment with autoscoring
    • Currently support ORAS pretrial assessment
  • Post assessment data:
    • Including risk score override, denied/refused pretrial, jail day reduction, etc.
  • Automated address verification
  • Court Date Reminders via SMS text multiple times prior to the court date
  • Automated pretrial letters, including recommendation and termination letter
  • Drug testing scheduling and SMS text notification
  • Employment, treatment and other services tracked
  • Failure to Appear (FTA) tracking & automated bench warrant record keeping
  • Changes in Pretrial status
  • Court date tracking & outcomes
  • Auto case notes made for each action taken by pretrial staff
  • Conditions of pretrial release

EBP Implementation

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