Case File Audits

What does this mean for you?

You can achieve higher levels of compliance with easy reporting on what is and is not being done per standards and regulations for client file documentation.  

  • Always know how compliant (or non-compliant) you are with local policies and/or state and federal regulations from oversight agencies.
  • Participate in audits and involve staff in their individual compliance scoring.
  • Customize your document and assessment audits for intake and discharge audits.
  • Evaluate case manager performance based on case file compliance scores.
  • Eliminate the surprise of compliance issues when auditors walk in the door.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Case File Audit solution is our quality assurance solution across your system of case notes, the document center, global data, case plans, incidents and more to provide management and auditors easy and thorough compliance visibility.

  • With our system you can stay informed about how compliant you are with local policies and/or state regulations from oversight agencies related to client file documentation, deadlines, assessments and case notes.
  • This module provides specialized reports and views for easy quality assurance and accountability measuring.
  • The case notes and document center flexibility enables every agency to define the right set of case note types and subtypes and required documents so that every case file audit point can be easily tracked and audited.
  • Specialized facility notes types and subtypes also allow documentation of certain required audit points such as fire drills, tornado drills, monthly management reviews, etc.
  • You can perform case file audits for a single case manager or entire program on your own in seconds.
  • Any document (whether a system generated document or a scanned in document) in your system can be flagged as a required a document for audit purposes.
  • Score case file compliance (i.e., documents, assessments and treatment sessions) as a method to evaluate case manager performance.
  • Case managers, supervisors and management can all see and act upon the same information at the click of a mouse.
  • CorrectTech empowers proactive case managers to stay on top of their caseload.

EBP Implementation

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