Software for Community Corrections

CorrectTech is a truly paperless
community corrections software.

Software has changed community corrections as we know it!

CorrectTech’s software is designed to manage any agency's requirements for implementing best practices. Partnering with CorrectTech empowers you to engage high-level client workflows using customized documents, terminology, and processes in an enhanced, user-friendly interface that enables an effective approach to client communication that supports a “paperless” office.

Whether your agency specializes in residential or treatment facilities, reentry, work release, probation, parole, pretrial, juvenile justice initiatives, diversion centers, detention centers, or day reporting centers. CorrectTech's robust, customizable modules can streamline operations and enable your staff to focus on what matters: your clients’ risks, needs, responsivity, and dosage.

We do more than help you manage your case plans.

We streamline every part of your operation from case management to security to treatment giving your team insight to all the data you need to make better decisions to target recidivism reduction and promote crime desistance. Check out our software page to see other innovative features such as:

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CorrectTech helps you...

Save Time
  • Enter data once, for access across your entire organization.
  • Customize auto-generated incident & violation reports, documents, audit reports, and much more.
  • Ensure all staff are informed and audit-ready at all times.
Share Information
  • Manage one client case file for security, case managers, and supervisors.
  • Guide decisions for daily operations based on your agency's data.
  • Improve and innovate with clarity, intelligence and insight.
  • Get rid of stacks of paper files.
  • Use your data to see what does (and doesn’t) work.
  • Provide complete and thorough reports to staff and stakeholders.
  • Use caseload specific data to provide feedback to staff.

So you have the time and tools to...

  • Supervise all facility operations with real time visibility.
  • Easily spot outliers without resorting to spreadsheets.
  • Make timely corrective actions with staff and clients.
Focus on your clients
  • Replace tedious recordkeeping with client planning and interventions.
  • Spend quality time with clients, equipped with complete information.
  • Stay engaged with clients' needs and behaviors.
  • Provide tools and information to empower all staff to make better case management decisions.
  • Use your own program data and results for continuous improvement.
  • Measure progress and repeat!

Our modules make configuration easy and unique to your agency

Our Community Corrections
Software At-A-Glance

Our Program Foundation Platform and 27 robust modules guide organizations toward a powerful EBP implementation, relieve them of strenuous paperwork and manual processes, and enable them to focus on what matters - people.
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Group Sessions
Case Planning
Dosage Management
Auto Generated Case Plans
Rule Violations & Interventions
Clinical Treatment
Incentives & Rewards
Paperless Office for Probation, Parole & Community Corrections
Progressive Sanctions
Enterprise Data Manager
Operations & Security
Medication Management for Parole, Probation & Community Corrections
Revenues & Billing
Intake Discharge Management
Intake/Discharge Workflows
Client Financial Management
Referral Management
Positive Reinforcements
Progrssive Monitors
Trip Planning
Randomized Monitoring
Client Kiosk
Biometric Validation
Client IVR
Case File Audits
Monitoring Audits
The Process of Evidence Based Practices in Community Corrections

Applied EBP Expertise

The Process of Evidence Based Practices in Community Corrections 
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See what the latest research shows
Recall lessons learned on your path to EBP implementation
Engage with practitioners on the EBP front line


Measure your outcomes and use your data to improve
Embrace and institute a change culture

Adopt new practices that reflect new reality



Grow into the fullness of EBP – post Motivational Interviewing and assessments
Assess your agency's capabilities and performance of core EBP principles

Develop new skills and habits with newly found time via automation


Staff measurement and feedback
Management measurement and feedback
Transparency and accountability – with clients and staff

Evidence Based Practices - Measurement
Evidence Based Practices - Relationship
Evidence Based Practices - Accountability
Evidence Based Practices - Reinforcement
Evidence Based Practices - Assessment
Evidence Based Practices - Motivation
Evidence Based Practices - Intervention
Evidence Based Practices - Plan
Evidence Based Practices - Community
Evidence Based Practices - Training
Evidence Based Practices - Transition
Evidence Based Practices - Feedback