CorrectTech Client Financial Management

Client Budgets

What does this mean for you?

The Client Financial Management module makes your client and referral source billing automatic and gives you an important tool for helping clients build basic financial skills for when they return to the community.  

  • Establish and manage client budgets to help them create important skills for their lives in the community.
  • Track client income and expenses, including restitution, daily fees, child support and any other type of fee.
  • Ease staff workloads and create greater client accountability by providing clients direct and secure access to their financial information through Client Self-Service.
  • Track fees by category for reporting and analysis.
  • Access a full client ledger with easy capabilities for storing and retrieving important financial documents such as paychecks, client invoices, etc.
  • Include the full financial history of a client in their discharge reports via the Intake / Discharge Management module.
  • Choose your accounting method. This module provides flexibility for all types of agency financial systems with two methods of accounting available – invoice accounting and trust accounting (available with the Trust Accounting module).
  • Incorporate referral source billing to increase efficiency for back-office staff.
  • Add the Trust Accounting module for the option of managing money with invoice or trust accounting is made possible.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Client Financial Management module is part of the client case file and is easily accessible to case managers, supervisors and back-office administrative staff. If you also use the Trust Accounting module, agencies can include a managed money way of doing business with their client population.

  • Case managers work with their clients to set a budget and recurring expenses (restitution, daily fees, etc.) upfront and post incomes (such as paychecks) and individual expenses at regular meetings.
  • Each client can securely access their entire financial record history on Client Self-Service using their client PIN and fingerprint to assure client financial confidentiality. Note: Client Self-Service can run on a computer inside a secure cabinet or on any computer that an agency has set-up for client access.
  • Incorporate summary and/or detailed client budgets and financial ledger history with your discharge reports via the Intake / Discharge Management module.
  • Review full client financial history in the client placement.
  • View aggregate and caseload views of client financial information in the Global Data Manager.
  • For client funds that are housed and managed at your program, the managed money feature is an available upgrade when you choose the Trust Accounting module.

EBP Implementation

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