CorrectTech Trip Planning Module


Trips & Passes

What does this mean for you?

CorrectTech simplifies the way your program plans, monitors and edits trips with this complete Trip Planning module that is totally in sync with your clients’ contacts, permission settings, privileges, restrictions and all other parts of their case plan.  

  • Maximize consistency in applying facility rules regarding random monitors and return to facility.
  • Sync contacts to specific locations for easy trip planning between clients and their approved locations.
  • Have confidence that addresses and phone numbers are up to date for all clients using information from the program-wide contact database.
  • Schedule a simple trip or one with multiple locations and various modes of transportation.
  • Keep your records up to date by changing travel times, arrival times and locations while a trip is in session.
  • Save time by scheduling a recurring trip once and setting frequency based on days of the week and weeks to occur.
  • Easily identify clients in the community who are late making inbound calls or returning to the facility.
  • Have more accurate locations and trip times using various modes of transportation and routes into account.
  • Simplify client departures and arrivals and assure the right client is being processed using Trip Planning with our Biometric Validation module and Client Self-Service.
  • Always know where your clients are and when they will be back with our dynamic Status Screen and integrated randomized location checks.
  • Update contact and permission settings to restrict sign-outs and curfews.
  • Support all facility trips while enforcing standard facility rules that govern who can go where and when.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

You can develop client trip schedules that include sign-out privileges, random “whereabouts” calls, automated client IVR check-in calls or manually recorded client inbound calls while clients are away from the facility. Automate client location planning, management and recordkeeping in conjunction with Client Self-Service, Security check-in/out, the Duty Roster, the Status Screen and optional Client IVR.
  • To ensure consistent location data, we build in your agency specific defaults for each client contact and permissions with specific intake fields for location(s) and contact information.
  • We’ve enabled notifications so facilities can establish rules related to escalating alerts to security staff that notify them which client(s) are late making their community inbound calls or returning to the facility.
  • Staff can create trips to and from contact location(s) based on clients’ permission settings and privileges.
  • To build a simple trip we’ve formatted the trip builder to start with the basics: the beginning and end date (for recurring trips); the time of the appointment; the type of sign out (i.e., work, personal pass, furlough, therapy, etc.); and the mode of transportation (bicycling, walking, auto, or public transit).
  • Trips can be as simple as having a client go to a location for a certain amount of time and return to the facility, or as comprehensive as having multiple locations and various modes of transportation.
  • We’ve integrated Google Maps™ for the most accurate and effective routes for any mode of transportation needed for the trip based on the basic trip parameters set by staff.
  • Google Maps™ gives estimated travel times for each leg of the trip that staff can accept or enter their own custom time.
  • A built in “travel buffer” adds the locally configured number of minutes to each travel leg to account for traffic, bus delays, weather, etc.
  • Integrated with the Client IVR, this module can be configured to manage automatic check-in calls while clients are away from the facility.
  • Automated incident write-ups for any client who misses the facility-defined allowance for return to facility or community inbound phone calls.
  • Upon return to the facility, clients with any required monitors are already noted in the security Duty Roster to assure compliance to local standards for pat downs, property search, BAT or UA testing, etc.
  • Fully automate random monitors upon facility return through the integration between Trip Planning and Randomized Monitoring.
  • Once trip has been planned, case managers and security staff can reuse common trips and open-ended trips or schedule them as recurring.

EBP Implementation

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