CorrectTech Biometric Validation

Biometric Validation

What does this mean for you?

We provide confidence and assurance that the right client is checking in and out of your facility and signing their client documents using their fingerprints as their signature. Using biometric document signatures allows for a truly paperless system, saving your staff many hours a week of unnecessary paper filing and lost or misplaced files.  

  • Have confidence that the right client is signing in, signing out and signing documents every time.
  • Alleviate operations and security staff drawbacks between shift changes and staff exchanges when needing to quickly identify clients.
  • Quickly and easily identify any client in the facility using only their fingerprint to confirm their attendance, sign documents, manage their trips, and organize their privileges.
  • Demand client accountability – only biometric fingerprints guarantee that the right client signed their document. Electronic signature pads and wearable identification tags do not confidently provide the same level security or assurance. Electronic signing of documents is not just a formality.
  • Easily retrieve and share electronically signed documents from the document center whenever you want. All documents include the date and timestamp of when the biometric fingerprint was taken for that document.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Biometric Validation module works with specialized industrial strength fingerprint scanners that are highly reliable in the work environment of a community corrections program.

  • Fingerprint signatures are proven tools for identity verification in the criminal justice system. Using them has become the most widely used and accepted method for assuring accountability with confidence.
  • Specialized fingerprint scanners connect to the Client Client Self-Service and any staff workstations where documents are signed.
  • For client identity verification upon departures and arrivals at your facility, fingerprints are validated at the Client Client Self-Service as an integral part of the client check-in workflow.
  • Intake requires all new clients to be enrolled in the CorrectTech system with their fingerprint using an initial scanned input and a successful fingerprint test against the original.
  • When a document is generated by the Universal Reports Generator that “Requires Client Signature,” the document cannot be saved or stored as a completed document until the client fingerprint successfully scans, the identity is validated, and the captured fingerprint is added as a part of the document.
  • Though less common, the same process can be followed for any scanned document. If a document scan slot is a required document with a client fingerprint signature, it cannot save to the slot until a successful fingerprint scan has occurred.
  • Your agency can require any document to have a fingerprint signature.
  • For applications where audit compliance is a must (such as medications processing, infraction reporting, random monitoring results, financial transactions and the like), client biometric fingerprints provide an important layer of agency protection and client accountability. Avoid the he said, she said game.
  • The fingerprint scanning technology used is the same that other high level, demanding operations that rely on accuracy use.

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