CorrectTech Medication Management Module

Medication Management

What does this mean for you?

Managing medications is an ongoing operational risk and recordkeeping headache including keeping up with medication intakes, administration, tracking and audits. With CorrectTech, it is simple, straightforward and well documented.

  • Save time with our standardized medications intake.
  • Avoid issues with medication compliance using our scheduling and meds history tracking features.
  • Ensure that staff is administering the correct dosage to the correct client.
  • Enhance client and staff accountability by having clients sign for every medication they take.
  • Relieve security and medical staff with automatically generated, prioritized medication delivery action lists.
  • Coordinate client medication scheduling and administration for taking on the spot or “pocketing” to take while out of the facility.
  • Prepare for and participate in medication audit reviews.
  • Avoid ghost counts.
  • Optimize standard procedures for easy monitoring, measuring and reporting.
  • Simplify medication inventory tracking.


Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

We’ve created a time saving and process assurance solution to ensure client medications are taken on the proper schedule, inventory is managed, audits are easy, and staff/client accountability is the norm.

  • Automate the operation and tracking of intake, scheduling, delivery and inventory of client medications. 
  • The Medication Audit prohibits “ghost counts,” ensuring that you have accurate information about the number of doses the client has consumed and the number still available. 
  • Archive medications with a click and manage “as needed” medications easily.
  • Medication delivery automatically populates an action list for security or medical staff before they are due in order to accommodate varying client schedules.
  • Documentation of clients consuming medications at the current time and “pocketing” them for later (during the day while in the community) is supported, as is inventory tracking of remaining medications.
  • The medication audit function supports good inventory management practices.
Integrated CorrectTech modules working together:
Document Center, Operations & Security, Case File Audits, Monitoring Audits, and Enterprise Data Manager

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