Progressive Monitors

What does this mean for you?

Monitor your clients based on their individual risk, program progress, and other key characteristics, not just one size fits all. Our Progressive Monitors feature upgrades our Randomized Monitoring by using client risk level, program level, program location, and/or client type and randomizes monitors according to appropriate standards.

  • Automate your probation, aftercare or residential client monitors so they match the level of service needed! 
  • Monitor frequencies are set based on factors such as risk level and substance abuse rating. 
  • Decrease monitor frequency based on level and progress in the program. 
  • Monitor types include home visits, urinalysis/drug tests, breathalyzers, pat search, locker search and room search. 
  • Enjoy all the benefits of our randomized monitors module to assure your organization doesn’t over monitor or under monitor your clients for their accountability measures. 

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Progressive Monitors software interacts seamlessly with all other CorrectTech features, keeping a complete digital record of every monitor and outcome.

  • You set your agency specific defaults for each monitor per client population type and give you the option to override defaults for any client. 
  • You set your agency’s monitor frequency by risk level, placement level, substance abuse needs, client type, client sub-type, and building location using our powerful back end configuration tools. 
  • There is a full set of global data views so that you can see how the Progressive Monitors and Randomized Monitoring are working together to create a daily set of random monitors across all clients according to their characteristics and actual results to date. 

EBP Implementation

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