CorrectTech Incident Reporting Module


Rule Violations & Interventions

What does this mean for you?

We automate superior quality, accuracy and completeness of all your rule violations. Clients receive timely, consistent and accurate documentation regarding their rule violations empowering your staff to focus on behavior management rather than "documenting the client's failure."

  • Save time with our automatic rule violations generator.
  • Worry less about staff forgetting or running out of time.
  • Include all of the right information in your reports every time.
  • Engage all staff and management in issue resolution.
  • Use our (optional) plea management system to keep digital records of each step to resolution.
  • Provide management analysis for staff accountability and training.
  • Prepare for and participate in audit reviews.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen

The Rule Violations feature supports every aspect of a community corrections operation, simplifying your rule violation recording and reporting because we know this is a critical task for every community corrections program.

  • We help you design agency default templates that provide a complete write-up of a rule violation, including client name, rule violation type, date/time, staff name and other pertinent information (such as BT result).
  • Automated write-ups can be edited and updated by staff.
    • BONUS: We’ve included a built-in spell check feature!
  • Each report is coded and stored in the client file so that any report type can be easily searched for and reported on within the client file and across the entire agency. 
  • Built-in sorting controls, group-by and filtering enable you to see patterns across clients, staff members, rule violation types and more.
  • The Plea Management feature monitors your agency’s customized workflow steps from rule violation, to client plea response, to hearing review, to final resolution.
    • With this feature you can generate electronic signable documents to keep with the client file at every step.
  • Automatic or staff-initiated rule violations can be automatically sent to Client Self-Service for client review and plea response.

EBP Implementation

Click on our EBP icons below to see how we've implemented EBP in our case planning software.

Identify Measurement Points and Processes Build the Theraputic Relationship.png Establish Behavioral Accountability & Structure Reinforce Positive Behavior 
Assess Risk, Need & Responsivity Enhance Intrisnic Motivation Target Interventions Train Behavioral Skills