CorrectTech Global Data Manager

Enterprise Data Manager

What does this mean for you?

We provide powerful and easy-to-use, around the clock access to all of your data. The Global Data Manager provides hundreds of views of your corrections agency’s data so you can use it as the authentic source of day-to-day operations management and week-to-week fidelity monitoring. In-depth data analysis on every aspect of your program is now a breeze! There is no other system on the market that provides this level data intelligence.  

  • Use your own data to see “what works” and make better (more informed) decisions satisfying the essence of the EBP movement.
  • Fully embrace two of the pillars of EBP – Measurement and Feedback. Without a real time data system like CorrectTech, these two pillars are expensive, time consuming and typically fall off the radar as unfeasible or impractical.
  • Stop punching numbers into spreadsheets to figure out how you are doing.
  • Even if you like your spreadsheets, avoid the tremendous risk of using non-authentic source data, whether by human error or lacking the capacity to get all of the data you need in a timely fashion.
  • Access information you could never see before from many areas of your program.
  • Remove anecdotal evidence from your decision-making and use actual client-driven and staff-involved data as the source of your decision-making.
  • Ask “How are we doing?” and “Is that working?” and get answers fast because all of your staff has immediate visibility to all data.
  • Empower every staff member to greater levels of ownership and accountability when they see their own caseload from the day-to-day and long-term views.
  • Initiate and support a continuous improvement culture using your own data. Stop waiting around for researchers to come in every year or two to tell you how your program is doing.
  • Invite your researchers to use your high quality and more complete data to gain new and powerful insights into what works for your program in your community!
  • Run management meetings based on data from your system where everyone reviews data and information BEFORE the meeting and comes prepared to discuss findings and action plans.
  • Enable management to truly manage and support frontline staff with insight and guidance on what is actually happening.
  • Avoid audit surprises from your referral agencies. With CorrectTech's corrections software you will know how you are doing at all times.
  • Join the commercial world in the use of information technology to drive agency effectiveness, data quality, staff empowerment, and continuous improvement.
  • Provide meaningful information, answers and proactive program plans to your stakeholders, your community and your referral agencies.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our Enterprise Data Manager works in conjunction with every aspect of CorrectTech. Since all of your agency’s processes are automated and codified, you can have useful data and actionable information for any purpose.

  • The Enterprise Data Manager is not a big unformatted database. It is your organized set of purpose-built views to help staff and management run your operation effectively.
  • Each purpose-specific view shows data across caseloads and time with every dimension of client static and dynamic data, program results, and a relevant history of every transaction and event.
  • Powerful grid controls give immediate filtering, sorting and organizing abilities to the full set of data so you decide what fields and ranges of data you want to see. In other words, you don’t need to export to a spreadsheet to sort your data. (Spreadsheet downloading is available.)
  • Since you get to define the codified data values in nearly every dropdown list, the data you get back from the CorrectTech system speaks in your language and terminology.
  • Customized views can be saved by individual users for quick reviews of specified data at the push of a button.
  • These customized views can be saved and sent to other members of staff, further saving time by doing certain report views only once then sharing agency wide.
  • For each automated process, all information about that process is available through the Data Manager. No exceptions.
  • Bottom Line: If you can imagine a Data Manager view based on your gathered and automated data that doesn’t yet exist, we will add that view to your system, and as part of the entire software platform for all other customers to benefit from.

Integrated CorrectTech modules working together: 
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EBP Implementation

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Identify Measurement Points and Processes Establish Behavioral Accountability & Structure Reinforce Positive Behavior Assess Risk, Need & Responsivity Target Interventions Collaborate on Case Plan Transition Plan Gather, Interpret, and Use Feedback