CorrectTech Assessments Module



What does this mean for you?

Our corrections software provides a powerful assessment software module that allows the total automation of your assessments to save you time, increase the quality of your assessments, and provide assessment results as a management tool for continued growth and improvement at your agency.  

  • Save time with our paperless assessment tool that electronically captures all necessary information automatically.
  • Improve scoring quality with all of your scoring rules built into the system.
  • Avoid paper or spreadsheet assessment recordkeeping issues.
  • Incorporate risk assessment results in determining client needs and allow case manager overrides to be noted and recorded by staff.
  • Allow clients to take self-report surveys to save you time while promoting client accountability and independence.
  • Increase compliance (while saving time) when our system automatically includes assessment results in intake and discharge reports.
  • Use client assessment results in management’s analysis for better decision-making.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Assessment module houses tools for creating and maintaining assessments, conducting staff or client self-reports, automating scoring rules, tracking assessment completion, incorporating results automatically into discharge reports, providing data for analysis, and reporting on assessments as part of the continuum of big picture client services.

  • The assessment builder can handle every kind of question and scoring rule.
  • Assessment inputs can include textual data or codified, score-able data leaving you with a searchable database of meaningful information for in-depth analysis.
  • All assessment results, including the actual questions and answers provided, are stored with every client’s electronic case file.
  • Summaries can be used for assessments taken outside of the CorrectTech system to capture the domain and final scores incorporating that information into the electronic case file record for each client.
  • A large collection of public domain and university-developed assessments has already been incorporated into the CorrectTech system. (For example, the LSI, ORAS, ASUS, Criminal Thinking Scales, WRNA and PREA to name a few.)
  • If an agency has the licensing rights and/or the credentials to use a defined assessment, we can add those to your system too. *
  • If your agency uses any locally developed assessments, we can easily incorporate them into your system. *
  • Staff can save a partially completed assessment and return to complete at a later time.
  • Clients can take self-assessments via the Client Self-Service at a secure kiosk or computer set-up for client use.
  • Results of assessments can be used to automatically set the risk level of a client placement.
  • All assessment results are available for reporting purposes – such as referral reports, intake reports, and discharge reports.

*License fees or custom development fees may apply.

EBP Implementation

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