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CorrectTech works with a wide variety of customers. We can do this because our software system excels in flexibility. Our 27+ software modules can be configured to meet the unique programming and operational needs of any agency.

No matter what kind of program you are - CorrectTech supports everyone in working remotely. 

We offer a number of industry packages, including:

Residential Community Corrections | CorrectTech

Federal BOP Re-Entry

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Halfway Houses

Day Reporting Center | CorrectTech
Day Reporting Centers

Detention Center
Prison Re-Entry

Juvenile Justice System | CorrectTech
Juvenile Justice Systems

Community Based Correctional Facility | CorrectTech
Community Based Correctional Facilities

Residential Treatment Program | CorrectTech
Residential Treatment Programs

Probation Agency | CorrectTech
Probation & Parole Agencies

diversion center

Aftercare Programs

Pretrial Agency | CorrectTech
Pretrial Agencies

Problem-Solving Court | CorrectTech
Problem-Solving & Accountability Courts

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