CorrectTech Client Self-Service


Client Kiosk

What does this mean for you?

This robust client communications center syncs with clients’ electronic case file to save case managers time, support and enforce trips from your facility, enable messaging with clients, allow client self-assessment surveys, provide access to client financial information, and help security staff deliver monitors, meds and required sanctions.  

  • Relieve case managers as clients’ sole source of up to date information.
  • Empower security staff with the information needed for efficient and streamlined management of monitors, medications, permissions and restrictions.
  • Confidently know the right clients are checking in and out of the facility with biometric fingerprints.
  • Speed up the incident resolution process by authorizing clients to plea to incident write-ups independently, without waiting for their next case manager appointment.
  • Engage clients in their treatment process with better communication.
  • Structure timely positive reinforcement message delivery to each client.
  • Facilitate clients’ independence and accountability.
  • Evolve your agency’s case manager/client relationships with higher quality face-to-face interactions.
  • Simplify and enhance offender supervision.
  • Embrace EBP at its core with client accountability and feedback.
  • Communicate more with your clients.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Our client communication center includes trip schedules, financial information, sign-in/out of facility via biometrics, client messages to and from staff, incident reporting, positive reinforcements, assessments and more. By providing valuable information directly to clients, it encourages accountability and responsibility, and builds a sense of independence.

  • The client interface is simple and intuitive and clients learn to navigate it quickly and easily.
  • Clients can review their own chore balance, trip schedule, finances, incident reports and pleas, and self-assessments without being in the case managers’ or security staff’s office.
  • Upon intake to the program, clients can be required to take self-report assessments directly on the Self-Service.
  • For residential community corrections programs, clients are able to view all of their past and future scheduled trips, including the details of scheduled times and modes of transportation.
  • The Self-Service allows the client to sign out/in electronically using their PIN and biometric fingerprint.
  • Clients can plea to incident reports electronically. That’s right. It’s all paperless.
  • But if your clients would like a paper copy of any items in the Self-Service, they can print or email them.
  • We’ve included options to give clients access to view relevant information to their case, such as financial balances, their action plan and progress to date.
  • Clients read messages, such as incidents, positive reinforcements, and more from case managers and security staff, receiving real-time information.
  • Every transaction on the Self-Service is time-stamped and logged in the client placement, providing an audit trail of communications received and responded to.

EBP Implementation

Click on our EBP icons below to see how we've implemented EBP in our case planning software.

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