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CorrectTech for Community Corrections Reentry

A Solution for Probation & Parole

Your Struggle is Real

Juggling all the demands, standards, requirements, and still having enough time to focus on client intervention is a common struggle for community corrections staff. CorrectTech provides solutions for probation, parole and many other post release/aftercare programs.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • The responsibility to keep the community safe
  • Managing an extremely large caseload 
  • Managing different client types, risk levels and ensuring the correct supervision level is applied.
  • Creating a case plan that meets the risk, need and responsivity models shown to be most effective
  • Managing a myriad of referrals to services and tracking if the client is attending and compliant.
  • Tracking treatment attendance, community service, education and vocational hours
  • Too much time spent entering and re-entering data or extracting data from multiple systems in order to meet your agency's stakeholder requirements
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of successful outcomes and better responses to technical violations
  • Finding creative ways to respond to client non-compliance with pressure to decrease/eliminate technical violations for non-criminal activity
  • Managing a bulky paper file that takes too much time and effort to maintain and can't be accessed remotely
  • A lot of wasted effort keeping up with paper documentation, missing paperwork, duplicating efforts, filing and archiving client documents
  • Having a system you can access remotely.
  • Being able to communicate with your entire caseload, a subset of your caseload or individual clients efficiently.
  • Recordkeeping hassles of managing disconnected SMS texting systems when using an off the shelf texting platform for client messages and not having SMS text strings attached to the client's electronic record.

CorrectTech solves all these problems and so much more.  

CorrectTech offers a comprehensive and advanced solution that automates all departments in one system! 

Working Remotely and/or with Multiple Locations

Many software systems enable remote working but IF they have an electronic document management tool - documents generated are usually stored in a cloud based file storage system as determined by the end user.  The challenge with this situation is electronic documents can be hard to find because they don't get automatically stored in the same location in every client electronic file. Why is this important? With CorrectTech's document center, every staff member always knows where to find an incident report, an intake summary, a contract and every other client document.  Furthermore, the same organized document center enables case file audits that can only be done when everything is paperless in a unified way for every client. And maybe the best of all, automated document merging saves staff endless hours a week. 

We don't make this stuff up!  More than half the community corrections programs we surveyed the last three years say they are still maintaining a paper client file with pertinent documentation and information you can only access via a file cabinet.  CorrectTech's full featured document center enables access to everything staff need when working remotely including ability to produce documents that include digital signing and being auto-filed

For nearly every agency, there are required reports that depend on aggregate data over a month, quarter, year regarding every dimension of program operations. Our global data grids help agency's save enormous man hours and help innovate by providing access to hundreds of data views. How many ways will your agency benefit and innovate from having hundreds of YOUR data views at your fingertips?

CorrectTech helps our customers spend less time manually tracking and hunting down paper files and spend more time on what is important…. client intervention, best practices and reducing recidivism.

What can programs achieve when they have CorrectTech automation

  • Enter data one time…period!
  • Supports remote working with access to all the client documentation and vital information.
  • Management has everything needed to properly oversee client progress and data, etc. at their fingertips (which can be accessed from anywhere).
  • Stop tedious internal auditing and instead push a single button, even from home!
  • All data, with approved permissions can be shared with third party providers.
  • No more locating, storing and managing terminated client files.
  • Managers now can assess program fidelity without building separate spread sheets.
  • All your internal agency documents are auto-generated AND auto-filed in the clients electronic record. 
  • Automatic scoring of your agency’s assessments means less time scoring and more time interviewing. 
  • Automatic case plans and interventions driven from domain scores for interventions that are calculated.
  • Track all third party treatment, community service, education and vocational classes in the system.
  • Ability to spend more time working on behavior management and interventions and easily document and manage these.
  • Keep your staff compliant with accountability and tracking requirements.
  • Create a menu of violation responses PO's can use that are consistent, fair and help exercise options other than revocation.
  • Demonstrate the progress you are making with your clients.
  • Ensure compliance with drug, alcohol testing, even run your own randomizer as needed.
  • Avoid recordkeeping hassles of managing disconnected SMS texting systems when using an off the shelf texting platform for client messages
  • SMS messages are housed entirely within the CorrectTech system in each clients electronic file alongside all other client notes and documents 
  • Send one message to a group of clients based on any number of client criteria, such as program level, risk, start date, end date and more.
  • Use your data to evaluate, study your numbers and outcomes as you work to meet best practices and reduce recidivism.
  • And more!

EBP Implementation

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