CorrectTech Intake / Discharge Management

Intake/Discharge Management

What does this mean for you?

We’ve ensured that you have the documents you need for your referral agencies by client type by program type. There isn’t a document type or format that CorrectTech cannot automate; you will never build discharge or intake reports manually again. Welcome to corrections software that does the work for you! 

  • Save time and improve the quality of your discharge reports that tell the complete story every time.
  • Fulfill every referral agency’s audit standards by automating the requirements into your discharge reports.
  • Support every kind of discharge report based on your program standards.
  • Don’t change how you do things to match our software. We align our software to meet your needs!
  • Effortlessly meet your intake report deadline with fully automated intake reports that gather and report on all client intake requirements by client and program type.
  • Eliminate double data entry. All information captured by any CorrectTech module is available for inclusion in any discharge report.
  • Stop printing out partially completed discharge reports and manually writing the in-the-moment commentary.
  • Simplify document signing with our biometric signature option for all documents including intake and discharge documents.
  • Increase client and agency accountability with thorough reports and secure biometric signatures.
  • Analyze program data with in-depth reports from the Data Manager that easily tracks discharge outcomes by client type and every data element in the client record.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

The Intake / Discharge Management feature (partnered with our Universal Reports module, Data Wizard, advanced report writing capabilities, and data from the entire CorrectTech system) helps you develop and implement a customized set of intake reports and discharge documents that completely meet local referral agency requirements and/or state and federal standards.

  • Discharge reports often have eight to 12 pages of content from the entire course of the client placement brought into the report through data queries to ensure a complete and thorough report every time.
  • As needed to meet county, state or federal standards, discharge reports are often designed to very exacting standards to ensure 100% compliance with referral agency requirements. For example, Federal BOP and many state DOCs have such standards that have been easy to meet using our system.
  • Using the Data Wizard, any bit of “in-the-moment” information can be captured via a wizard to complete items required to complete a full digital copy of any intake or discharge report.
  • Our Data Wizard captures in-the-moment information (such as ratings, termination summaries, case manager final comments and more) into Intake and Discharge reports and merge with other data that already resides inside the CorrectTech database.
  • Since most intake and successful discharge documents require client signatures, the fingerprint capture can be required for final documents so that with it, the document is considered compliant with agency standards. This feature creates unparalleled accountability on the client and the program for maintaining accurate records of a client’s activity during their program stay.
  • The Data Manager provides multiple views of client intake and discharge information with powerful sorting, group-by and filtering controls that enable you to do in-depth data analysis of your program.
Integrated CorrectTech modules working together: 
Document Center, Biometric Validation, Paperless Office, Enterprise Data Manager (and every other module for data input)

EBP Implementation

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