Implementation and Training

At CorrectTech, our biggest priority is to help you and your agency do the best job you can at community corrections, a critical profession in deep need of automation and support to help restore lives and make our communities safer. As part of our mission, we strive to help identify what your agency’s needs are for continued growth and development. Check out the services we offer (in addition to our software) for residential and non-residential programs seeking help to operationalize their EBP implementations and for modernizing organizations from top to bottom with advanced software and processes. 

If you choose to license our software to meet your automation needs, your experience with CorrectTech will start with our CorrectTech implementation services.


Software Configuration

We use a phased approach to identify your agency requirements and configure the many features required to accommodate your unique needs. Every department in your organization – programming, operations and security, treatment, mental health, medical, research and of course top management – is involved in defining your agency’s automation requirements and design to ensure an end-to-end solution that benefits the breadth of your operation.

We know that every agency has required forms, standards and audit points, and internal policies; our implementation team works alongside your staff to ensure we configure CorrectTech with the complete set of required documents, checklists, management tools and more. 

Also, it is quite common during this process for you to adapt your business processes in reaction to the advanced level of automation made possible only with CorrectTech. Our implementation team wants what you want – a system that fits your way of doing things and introduces advanced community corrections processes that together will reduce headaches, improve results and allow your staff to spend more time helping your clients succeed.

From your design and configuration decisions, our implementation consultants establish a fully configured version of CorrectTech on our test server for your project team to get hands-on experience, and to validate all of the functions are configured properly prior to the start of staff-wide training. After thorough testing and validation of the test system, we install your customized version of CorrectTech for you to begin staff training in preparation for production launch.


Customer Training

CorrectTech uses a self-paced training process by providing a workbook to each staff member. The process is divided into nine phases closely corresponding to the feature set the implementation team most recently deployed. Each phase provides training videos, quizzes and basic hands-on exercises with ample opportunities to ask follow-up questions for a specific feature set. Using their own test clients, staff members practice every process their positions require in CorrectTech from intake to discharge reporting and more!
Note: During software updates, training includes only those areas that are being updated with new capabilities.

Weekly Remote Training Sessions

During the staff training process, CorrectTech hosts live Q&A sessions with staff members. Customer staff is invited to ask a CorrectTech trainer any questions they have regarding their new system. Our CorrectTech trainers are logged in to your CorrectTech system to demonstrate the solution. These sessions normally last about an hour and coincide with the training phase underway.

Monthly Staff Training Checkins 

For up to three months following implementation completion, CorrectTech schedules monthly staff training check-ins with new agencies to ensure users are equipped and prepared to be productive.

CorrectTech Customer Care Portal

Our support and staff training services are supported by our online CorrectTech Customer Care Portal. In this portal, all staff members for our customers have access to more than 75 video trainings across all functions in CorrectTech, support articles and more. The portal houses our customer support ticketing system to allow easy access and tracking by your staff - for the process of creating and providing support documentation, and for the CorrectTech support staff to communicate back while bringing items to closure.


Project Management

We use online project management and collaboration tools throughout the process to support CorrectTech software implementation.

We have developed a comprehensive set of design and configuration templates that provide a framework for the CorrectTech team and customer agencies to work together customizing CorrectTech. Our CorrectTech implementation team conducts weekly checkpoint meetings with key agency project members to ensure we stay in sync and progress is maintained throughout the entire process.

Software Implementation Services Approach

CorrectTech Implementation Services

Ongoing Review Meetings

We continue to meet with the agency project team on a regular basis after implementation is complete and staff is fully using CorrectTech to assure all items are covered. These ongoing meetings are great for identifying any areas where we need to make small changes to configuration settings that only daily use of a new system can identify. Our goal is to make sure all customers are completely satisfied with their CorrectTech implementation.



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