CorrectTech Dosage Management Module

Dosage & Attendance

What does this mean for you?

Dosage and structured time are measured, reported and linked to the various key elements of a client's placement - making reporting, compliance tracking and staff feedback and training simpler.

  • Link dosage - usually of treatment / cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) programming - directly to every appropriate service delivered at your agency including group sessions, curriculum, in-house therapy, outside group therapy, etc.
  • Track total dosage and segment by individual categories and types.
  • Establish and report on dosage goals and remaining balances by category.
  • Link treatment specialists' work in group and CBT directly to the common client case file without requiring the case manager to enter another piece of data by hand.
  • Track, measure and report on one or more categories of structured (non-treatment oriented) time.
  • Measure and improve program outcomes through tremendous insight to dosage, interventions, needs, risk levels and placement outcomes provided by the Global Data Manager views related to dosage.
  • Include dosage and structured time results for any client in any program intake, monthly or discharge report.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Dosage and structured time are defined and linked to the various services delivered for an agency.

  • All in-house group sessions and CBT offerings are coded to a dosage category.
  • Every outside treatment provider is coded to a dosage category.
  • Through the Group Sessions module, every treatment session is captured as an event in the system including the duration of the session(s), and provides client specific records of attendance (and non-attendance) for purposes of tracking dosage.
  • Dosage goals can be set for each client (such as 200 hours of CBT). Successful attendance at sessions will count toward and be measured as part of the dosage goal.
  • Together with the Universal Reports and Intake / Discharge Management modules, dosage and structured time results are automatically incorporated into client reports for completeness and stakeholder communication.
  • Special data views are available in the Global Data Manager to see dosage results by category, client characteristics and more for continued feedback, learning and program improvement.
  • Agency defined structured time categories are defined (general, or specific), allowing for staff to enter structured time for either one client at a time or for entire groups.
  • Bottom line:  Dosage and structured time are linked with the client case file and reportable directly alongside all other client data and outcomes.

EBP Implementation

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