When Tools for Efficiency Become Essential - Remote Working

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 5/14/20 11:07 PM
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Community Corrections Goes Remote

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With swift decisions made to help decrease the spread of the Corona-virus, many employees were sent to work from home with little notice.  Even essential community corrections agencies are finding new ways to do the job remotely, including meet with clients, facilitate groups and must continue documenting and accessing crucial client information.

For many out there, what was once just offering your staff an efficient way to do their job is now offering them an essential way to do their job.  This is not a temporary situation - this is likely going to change the way we do things moving forward.

While some agencies were able to make this transition easily, many were not.  We are proud to say our customers are in the mix of those who can access everything they do on-site from their remote location.  

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in an Integrated Paperless Software Solution

1. You can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

2. Access the client electronic record remotely.  No need to worry about how to access a client paper file only available in the office.  A paperless office includes viewing docs, creating and filing new docs and signing them digitally.

3. Document meetings, case notes, group session attendance, rule violations, court orders, the list goes on.

4. Send your entire caseload, a subset of your caseload or a single client a templatized text message that stores what is sent and received in each client's electronic file.

5. Shared communication between departments, especially when they and you may now be physically separated.

6. Oversee and manage programming & operations from anywhere - run an audit from the comfort of your home.

7. Record attendance and group session notes for remotely run individual and group sessions with automatic dosage tracking. 

8. Data at your fingertips - no need for tedious spreadsheet tracking that you and others can't access from anywhere. 

9. Make the cycle of feedback and fidelity achievable - when data and information is at your fingertips you have more visibility and time to focus on clients and outcomes.

10. Hard working community corrections professionals deserve it!

Struggling with all this change? We get it, check out Dr. Alex Walker's webinar and/or blog Mindset Matters : Appreciative Thinking in Times of Crisis.

Want to learn more about coaching in community corrections?  Check out our blog series on a Coaching Habit 

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