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Implementation Leadership - The 10 Essential Principles

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 8/27/20 5:33 PM

10 Essential Principles of Real-World Implementation Leadership

In a time where fear, worry and forced change is at an all-time high, this training could be exceptionally useful for community corrections leaders across the nation. I have been wanting to share this for some time and absolutely loved the 10 Essential Principles of Real-World Implementation Leadership when I attended a short webinar virtually (and this was before COVID-19).   As a prior administrator at a residential community corrections agency, I know this training could help leaders in an ever changing industry.

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Topics: Community Corrections, Evidence Based Practices, Community Corrections Professional, reentry, EBP, Justice-Involved Clients, Implementation, BOP, halfway house, Leadership

When Tools for Efficiency Become Essential - Remote Working

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 5/14/20 11:07 PM

Community Corrections Goes Remote

With swift decisions made to help decrease the spread of the Corona-virus, many employees were sent to work from home with little notice.  Even essential community corrections agencies are finding new ways to do the job remotely, including meet with clients, facilitate groups and must continue documenting and accessing crucial client information.

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Topics: Community Corrections, Community Corrections Professional, Technology, reentry, Justice-Involved Clients, sanction, probation staff, BOP, halfway house

Suddenly Working from Home with Kids?

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 4/17/20 6:00 AM

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Topics: Community Corrections, Community Corrections Professional, reentry, work from home, COVID-10, resources, remote working, Coronavirus, probation staff

How Full is Your Bucket?

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 12/6/19 12:24 PM

“I don’t get a candy bar every time I do my job, why should a client get something for doing what they are already supposed to do?”  Have you ever thought or heard something like this when discussing positive reinforcement with clients in community corrections?  When research shows positive reinforcement is more effective in long term behavior change, why is it that we tend to default to punish only?  

In my experience managing clients, managing staff, being a mother, wife, mentor and coach, I can attest that it can be easier to sigh, moan and complain about the performance of others.  Every time I find myself pulling out my hair, I realize I haven’t been using one of my best tools, positive reinforcement.  And guess what, when I start using it (or increase my use of it), I see improvement and I feel happier. It is all too easy to only notice what is going wrong and completely pay no attention to what is going right.

Let me offer some tips for success when implementing a positive reinforcement program in your agency.

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Topics: Community Corrections, Evidence Based Practices, Positive Reinforcement, Community Corrections Professional, client development, reentry, EBP, Justice-Involved Clients

Corrections Top 10

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 6/17/19 8:40 PM

CorrectTech Named a Top 10 Corrections Solutions Provider for 2019

CorrectTech is honored to be chosen by GovCIO Outlook as a Top 10 Corrections Solutions Provider. Nominated by a customer, CorrectTech’s recognition as a solution to agencies looking to modernize operations and case management demonstrates that paperless and digital offices are here to stay.

Eric Tumperi, Chief Problem Solver and CEO loves redefining the status quo in the community corrections industry. Eric and founder Dr. Evan Crist have the same motivation: Passion for providing agencies and organizations with high quality, affordable, and effective automation solutions which allow staff to focus on what matters most –people!

CorrectTech’s newest endeavor combines artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and predictive analytics solutions to develop promising new practices to deliver timely insights and interventions that CEO Tumperi believes will contribute to reducing recidivism.

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Topics: Community Corrections, govcio outlook, technology solutions provider

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