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The Opposite of Addiction is not Sobriety. It is Connection

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 11/17/17 8:34 AM

What we learned about the Opioid Crisis at the 2017 ICCA Conference in Seattle

The Opposite of Addiction is not Sobriety.  This may have been the most powerful statement we heard at the ICCA conference where researchers and practitioners of many fields and backgrounds came together to learn, share information and knowledge; pushing each other to keep learning and doing more in our pursuit to do what works best.  Community Corrections has never been short of challenges and barriers.  It is encouraging to see dedicated professionals working hard to break through.

The conference encompassed workshops surrounding some of these challenges, including the opioid crisis, relapse prevention, housing and employment, and our jails being filled with a large amount of people with significant mental illness and trauma.  While there were many outstanding workshops at the Seattle conference, in this blog we will talk about discussions and community corrections solutions with relationship to the opioid crisis.

The Opioid Crisis

Who are some of the people who have been impacted directly by this crisis? 

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Are YOU in a Good Space?

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 9/28/17 10:13 AM

Our reflections of APPA 2017 from the inside, outside and beyond.

Last month we found ourselves positioned in a good space as we went about setting up our booth at APPA’s 42nd Annual Training Institute, held this year in a particularly exciting place, New York City. We were positioned on the Expo floor at a busy nexus of booths and buffet tables, and our team reconnected with and met practitioners from all over the country. Each brought their knowledge, progressive nature and passion for EBP. We attended several interesting sessions as well, which highlighted important challenges facing the corrections industry.

The Big Apple proved the perfect backdrop for APPA, and we explored some of the city’s unique places. Following are a few highlights from inside the conference, activities outside it, and challenges going forward.

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9 Things I learned at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 3/16/17 11:17 AM

Criminal Justice Reform is on the Move and 9 other things I learned at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit:

one: Although the event was in Oregon, speakers from around the country made it clear that criminal justice reform is on the rise nationwide.

two: Pretrial research has uncovered that being locked up for three or more days while awaiting a hearing can cause very serious unintended repercussions for that individual, including a 4% increased risk that the person will recidivate.

three: Oregon was recently selected as one of three states to participate in the National Criminal Justice Reform Project with a focus on pretrial and a mission to reform using data driven, evidence based practices.

four: As shared in the Justice Policy Institute Report, “The vaguely understood pretrial process of bail costs the taxpayers of the United States billions of dollars and infringes on the liberty and rights of millions of Americans each year.

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It Takes a Community to Transition an Offender

Posted by Evan C. Crist, Psy.D. on 2/12/15 9:05 AM

This is the 10th of a 12 part series on Evidence Based Principles.  Subscribe to our blog and get this series and the upcoming Risk Principle Simplified series delivered right to your inbox.

Principle 6: Engage On-Going Support in Natural Communities

To paraphrase a proverb, “It takes a community to transition an offender.” As a community corrections agent, you will work diligently to replace the antisocial influences with a more prosocial network of friends, colleagues and associates.  You discuss at length the importance of the environment and having good role models.  While the client is in your care, you will support, provide empathy, give advice, inspire and prepare the client for their new lifestyle after supervision.  It will take an army of people to replace the roles that you play.  Literally.  The army is the community.  It is pastors and employers, mothers and coaches, colleagues and therapists.  The work you do cannot be replaced by one or even two people. 

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