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9 Things I learned at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit

Posted by Lisa Sayler on 3/16/17 11:17 AM

Criminal Justice Reform is on the Move and 9 other things I learned at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit:

one: Although the event was in Oregon, speakers from around the country made it clear that criminal justice reform is on the rise nationwide.

two: Pretrial research has uncovered that being locked up for three or more days while awaiting a hearing can cause very serious unintended repercussions for that individual, including a 4% increased risk that the person will recidivate.

three: Oregon was recently selected as one of three states to participate in the National Criminal Justice Reform Project with a focus on pretrial and a mission to reform using data driven, evidence based practices.

four: As shared in the Justice Policy Institute Report, “The vaguely understood pretrial process of bail costs the taxpayers of the United States billions of dollars and infringes on the liberty and rights of millions of Americans each year.

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