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Posted by Lisa Sayler on 6/17/19 8:40 PM
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CorrectTeach Top 10 Solutions Provider for CorrectionsCorrectTech Named a Top 10 Corrections Solutions Provider for 2019

CorrectTech is honored to be chosen by GovCIO Outlook as a Top 10 Corrections Solutions Provider. Nominated by a customer, CorrectTech’s recognition as a solution to agencies looking to modernize operations and case management demonstrates that paperless and digital offices are here to stay.

Eric Tumperi, Chief Problem Solver and CEO loves redefining the status quo in the community corrections industry. Eric and founder Dr. Evan Crist have the same motivation: Passion for providing agencies and organizations with high quality, affordable, and effective automation solutions which allow staff to focus on what matters most –people!

CorrectTech’s newest endeavor combines artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and predictive analytics solutions to develop promising new practices to deliver timely insights and interventions that CEO Tumperi believes will contribute to reducing recidivism.

Tumperi says, “It has been a natural and logical progression for CorrectTech to include AI and machine learning solutions, and we are focusing on this data rich field.”

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But what about the day-to-day struggles of community corrections staff to keep up with rising caseloads? CorrectTech has a solution for that too!Whether a customer is a residential, treatment, reentry, or probation program, eliminating paper shuffling and double data entry,streamlining case plans, client interventions and dosage tracking is just part of the digital realm necessary for agencies to benefit from AI solutions. This is what CorrectTech was designed for and is being recognized for by GovCIO.

CEO Tumperi explains that the team’s rich and robust backgrounds in carrying out daily operations enable them to truly understand the problems and challenges of its agency customers. Combining his 18 years of experience in the corrections software arena, Eric has gained insight into the opportunities for meeting the challenges that agencies face. “We aim to help improve the effectiveness of community corrections programs through our software and services and ultimately indirectly aid in the restoration of justice-involved citizens back into their families and communities,” concludes Tumperi.

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