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CorrectTech works with a wide variety of customers. We can do this because our software system excels in flexibility. Our 27 software modules can be configured to meet the unique programming and operational needs of any agency. We offer a number of industry packages, including:

Residential Community Corrections | CorrectTechResidential Community

Halfway House | CorrectTech
Halfway Houses

Day Reporting Center | CorrectTech
Day Reporting Centers

Work Release Program | CorrectTech
Work Release Centers

Juvenile Justice System | CorrectTech
Juvenile Justice Systems

Community Based Correctional Facility | CorrectTech
Community Based Correctional Facilities

Residential Treatment Program | CorrectTech
Residential Treatment Programs

Probation Agency | CorrectTech
Probation & Parole Agencies

diversion center

Diversion Centers

Pretrial Agency | CorrectTech
Pretrial Agencies

Problem-Solving Court | CorrectTech
Problem-Solving & Accountability Courts

Detention Center
Detention Centers


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