Implementing the 5 Ps 

One of the unique characteristics of our team at CorrectTech is that the leaders and designers of our software have been and still are operating multiple community corrections programs.  We are not divorced from the reality that our software functionality and stability matter to every member of a community corrections organization.  Our passion is for the mission of community corrections – increased public safety, short-term and long-term, wherever CorrectTech is implemented.  


Based on our own experience (as well as our customers’) at implementing client treatment programs, staff training, and various management systems, we have developed a practical and flexible model for how your community corrections organization could go about achieving mission success.

Implementing the 5Ps is the third and final side of our Applied Community Corrections pyramid.  You will notice that this section is not about describing how our software functions and its benefits.  Rather, we have shared our insight into the factors and elements that influence and impact clients, case managers, monitoring and security staff, management, and systems - as parts of an integrated community corrections system.

More information about each of the five layers of the pyramid is found under the EBP Simplified content area. 

The 7 Commandments of Community Corrections represents our foundation and articulates the non-negotiables of community corrections.  Read more….

EBP Simplified provides a bit of a primer on the excellent work done by primary author, Brad Bogue, in the white paper, “Implementing Evidence Based Principles in Community Corrections:  The Principles of Effective Intervention.”  Based on years of explaining, coaching and mentoring on these topics to employees on the front line, we have developed three “laws” per principle.  Read more….

Applied EBP starts with the two essential spheres of process and practice for EBP implementation– Client/Staff Collaboration and Administration/Staff Collaboration. Inside each sphere are the essential components of EBP plus those practical elements of designing and operating a program, while not losing sight of the ultimate purpose and mission of a community corrections program.  Read more….

Integration of EBP is far more than simply writing new policies and speaking a new language. That is the easy part.  Our view of integration covers three key areas of change management – the environment, including all stakeholders, your team’s emotional characteristics, and your rational point of view.  Read more….

Fidelity is the essential, and ultimate, key to effective implementation of EBP.  It is also where “practicing what you preach” is actually measured.  Faithfulness to your purpose, principles, and policies is the primary goal.  After all, all the theory in the world does not change behavior.  Measurement, feedback, and practice changes behavior.  If you are loyal to your plan, you will be pleased with your results.  Read more….

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