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CorrectTech for Successful Reentry

Effective, evidence-based case management for successful reentry (prison, jail, supervision, etc.) is finally achievable with the automation that tracks the things that matter

Your Struggle is Real

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Consistency in case management across multiple managers, providers, and jurisdictions
  • Redundancy of client case planning as clients move from program to program
  • Inability to measure success or progress
  • Caseload assignments not matched to client needs/CM area of expertise (responsivity)
  • Lack of visibility to case plan progress/fidelity
  • CM frustration, demoralization and burn out
  • Clients feeling disconnected and a lack of ownership in their case plan journey – reducing responsibility and intrinsic motivation
  • Difficult if not impossible to measure and track treatment dosage over the entire journey
  • As a core correctional practice, positive behavior management is difficult to apply, track and implement
  • “Rule violation” behavior is often provided at a high frequency without adhering to best practices in behavior management
  • Difficulty meeting continuous quality improvement (CQI) criteria
  • The desire to implement new EBP programs but trouble figuring out where to start
  • Limited resources to measure outcomes and success
  • Trouble meeting/demonstrating compliance with the Correctional Program Checklist (CPC) standards
  • The need for adequate training and change management to get everyone on board 
  • For what training is achieved, it is difficult to translate training into practice

CorrectTech provides solutions to these problems and more.  

Being able to tell your program's story to key stakeholders will depend on the data you have and how you've compared it to best practices.

Measure Behavior and Results

A critical part of successful case management hinges on how well behavior management principles are employed. Tracking, measuring and CQI are rarely accomplished effectively.  

After going through her own implementation experience with CorrectTech, partner and consultant Jennifer Luther was able to see over 50% of the CPC items would be positively impacted simply through strong implementation of CorrectTech's Integrated Reentry system.

Design Flexibility

Since CorrectTech is designed to be tailor-fitted to an agency’s structure, Integrated Reentry can be configured for practices currently in place and improvements along the way.

Case Management to Self-Management

Individuals navigating correctional and social services are there because they are in crisis and often experiencing trauma. They need extra support during the challenging times; however, forever case management is not the goal. The goal is for individuals to be self-sufficient- to learn to set goals and reward themselves. Integrated Reentry invites the individual into the person’s own case plan. In this way, the person can advocate, acquire services, access personal documentation, and select graduated rewards with a click. We have the technology and support services to finally build a case management system that accomplishes best practice for managers and the population they serve.

CorrectTech Reentry Solution - A Powerful Combination with Incredible Flexibility

As with all software components in CorrectTech, the Client Reentry Management package can be configured to meet your agency’s specific needs. It operates as an integrated system for any agency by automating all components that impact client behavior, setting and reaching goals and preparing for successful reentry:

Tap Expertise 

With the CorrectTech Reentry solution, you will have the core case management framework and data tools but how do you really set your EBP goals into motion, get your staff on board, trained and implementation into practice with fidelity? Involving an expert trained in the Principles of Effective Intervention (RNR) and Core Correctional Practices (CCP) maximizes your effort and places you in a position to tell your programs story.  

CorrectTech partner and consultant Jennifer Luther, CEO of Correctional Rehabilitation (CoRe) Services is available for consultation in conjunction with the CorrectTech Reentry package or if you need consultation services for any of your EBP efforts. Learn more

EBP Implementation

Click on our EBP icons below to see how we've implemented EBP in our case planning software.

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