CorrectTech Client IVR


Client IVR

What does this mean for you?

Take your out of the facility client communication process to the next level with automation including residential and non-residential client reporting, random UA notification, trip reports and more with our client interactive voice response (IVR) module.  

  • Save your frontline operations staff the hassle of recording phone calls so they can perform their other required duties.
  • For programs looking to assign operations staff with expanded duties, empower your frontline operations staff to do meaningful treatment-oriented work and build relationships with clients.
  • Maximize efficiency in monitoring client trips into the community and random UA monitors.
  • Achieve greater accountability for clients spending time away from the facility.
  • Supervise clients when they aren’t in your facility without having your staff take time away from clients in the facility.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

Without some form of automation for keeping up with clients in the community, security and monitoring staff can often be stuck with purely administrative duties. With our Client IVR we’ve automated your client remote check-in process, incident reports for trip violations, and individualized “report for services” message so your staff can focus on being proactive and building relationships with clients.

  • Residential and non-residential clients alike benefit from customized check-ins.
  • Computers answer clients’ check-in calls and document the call details based on client input.
  • The client interface is simple and intuitive so clients can learn to navigate it quickly and easily using voice commands and keypad input via telephone.
  • The IVR feature automates the client check-in process, incident reports for trip violations, and individualized “report for services” message.
  • Working with the Trip Planning module, the IVR manages the receipt of arrival, departure and location change calls, saving staff and management additional time while also increasing consistency.
  • Compliance with approved trip expectations is immediately visible on the system to help identify which clients need attention.
  • This module is integrated with our Incident Reporting module to ensure swift feedback and sanctioning regarding any non-compliance.
  • A third party partner provides the IVR phone-in service under a separate contract.
  • IVR usage and hosting fees are very affordable and well worth the extra cost.

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