Client Insights

What does this mean for you?

We combine deep machine learning, predictive analytics, and an array of modern data management tools to create Client Insight models that help you improve client supervision. The source of your agency’s Client Insight models comes from the mounds of client supervision data you already have, informed by agency-cohort models and promising and best practices. Your management, staff and even your clients will receive targeted, personalized, and holistic insights that will help you make informed responses to intervene, guide and reinforce client behavior.

  • Know which clients to increase focus on based, on Client Insights models generated from your agency data.
  • Automatically monitor clients' progress across a combination of static and dynamic factors - in real time.
  • Optimize case managers' time by providing a targeted list of client intervention recommendations, guidance recommendations and even positive reinforcement notifications.
  • Continually adapt your Client Insight models by providing feedback through use and experience.
  • Be informed on potential client interventions based on data tied to static factors (biographic, risk level, history, etc.), triggers identified in the models, immediate needs discovered, and acute problems.

Use added artificial intelligence (AI) to save time, increase productivity and improve quality of meetings with clients.

Here's how CorrectTech makes it happen:

An amalgamation of deep learning AI models, agency historical data sources, and real-time connections to agency case management systems are used in conjunction with traditional data analysis to identify opportunities for timely intervention. The Client Insights system normalizes your structured data to the standardized AI models, uses natural language processing to structure your unstructured data, and continues to learn from your experience to improve over time.

  • Models are built for and refined by your data.
  • IBM Watson is used to help find patterns in your data.
  • More of your data is put to use through analysis of case notes, and other digital sources of content regarding client progress.
  • Automatically and actively analyze your data as it streams in.
  • Mobile application to communicate and receive important information
  • Easy staff accessibility to the Client Insights through the use of a secure mobile application.

EBP Implementation

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Identify Measurement Points and Processes Build the Theraputic Relationship.png Establish Behavioral Accountability & Structure Reinforce Positive Behavior Assess Risk, Need & Responsivity Enhance Intrisnic Motivation Target Interventions Collaborate on Case Plan Engage the Community Train Behavioral Skills Transition Plan Gather, Interpret, and Use Feedback